Vital statistics
Birth Third Age
Age Unknown
Fate Awakes from his drunkenness after when the Dwarves escape in the barrels.
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark
Gender Male
Weapon None
Race Elf
Actor Craig Hall

Galion was an Elf of Mirkwood who worked as Thranduil's butler in TA 2941.


Galion DOS ring effect

Galion drinking wine in the cellar.

In TA 2941, after when Thorin and Company were captured by the Elves in the forest Mirkwood and kept as prisoners, Elros, talked to Galion to send the empty barrels to Esgaroth like they should had earlier and gave the butler the keys to make sure the Dwarves don't leave the kingdom, but Galion unwisely put the keys to the hooker and told Elros that the Company wouldn't go anywhere (as they were already locked up).

However, Bilbo Baggins (who was invisible by the powers of his ring) overheard the butler and Elros's chat and took the keys as soon as the keys were put on the hooker to free the Dwarves and help them escape into the barrels while Galion and another Elf fell asleep from their drunkenness and woke up by the time when the barrels were sent down the river.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mirkwood Elf Chief

Galion as a LEGO minifigure named as "Mirkwood Elf Chief".