Gerontius Took
The old took
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2790
Death TA 2920
Age 130
Fate Celebrates his 103rd birthday.
Physical attributes
Hair color White
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon None
Race Hobbit
Actor Dan Hennah

Gerontius Took, also known as Old Took, was a Hobbit who had served as the twenty-sixth Thain of the Shire. He was the father of Belladonna, grandfather of Bilbo Baggins, and good friend of Gandalf.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Old Took was portrayed by Dan Hennah in a cameo in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, who was also the production designer for the trilogy, but his scenes were cut from the theatrical version, but are included in the extended edition credited in the end credits as "Old Took", but like the Sackville-Baggineses, he was mentioned in the film where Bilbo remembered the fireworks in The Old Took's birthday party during his encounter with Gandalf.
  • Hennah was the only cast member not to wig in the film as he only wore makeup on his nose and ears.