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Dale Child 11.png
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2768
Death TA 2840
Age 72
Fate Claiming the last Black Arrow and passed it on to his nephew
Physical attributes
Hair color Dark
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon Unknown
Race Human
Actor Unknown actor

Girnir was the son of Girion and Mika Milovana, and elder brother of Harbard.


Born in TA 2868, Girnir was the son Girion and Mika Milovana, and older brother of Harbard, who would become the father of Bard Bowman of Esgaroth. Entitled as Girion's heir, Girnir and his brother often enjoyed to wander around the city of Dale. They also enjoyed to play kites while the guards were tasked to look after them. Girnir also fancied the helmets that the guards wore, and enjoyed to wear one that was given by Garf. Later in TA 2880, during the time when the Dwarves of Erebor and Northrons had gotten along for many years, Girnir, along with his brother and friends, were playing kites until the winds began to blow very hard.

Believing that a storm was coming, Girnir ordered his father's guards to take him and his brother to the hall, but it turns out that the winds came from the dragon Smaug. Standing next to two soldiers, he looked on in terror when his kite was scorched. Throughout the chaos, his brother managed to make out to safety with many of the survivors while he stayed behind to search for his father. He looked around and noticed that his father was trying to slay the beast with a few Black Arrows. His father's attempt to kill Smaug failed with the dragon killed him, and Girnir swore to avenge him. He managed to claim the last black arrow that his father failed to use, but he had to flee and made his way into Esgaroth.

Living his life in the town on the lake, Girnir looked after his nephew Bard Bowman after Harbard died from a broken heart when his wife Helga died after giving birth to her son. Girnir spent most of the years in taking care of Bard, and would often tell a lot of stories about Girion and the deadly firestorm that Smaug casted. He eventually gave him the last Black Arrow that Girion failed to use, and told him to keep it when he overheard the prophecy. He passed away in TA 2940, and his nephew would fulfill his destiny in slaying Smaug a year later.

Behind the scenes[]

Girnir was portrayed by an unknown child actor in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.