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Goblin Scribe The omnipotent
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Vital statistics
Birth Birth- Unknown (speculated to be older than Arda itself)
Death Death- Impossible
Age None, he's immortal
Fate Fate- Roams all possible universes for all eternity on his/her zipline delivering his letters smeared in faeces that tell the people of middle earth their fates.
Physical attributes
Hair color Bald (bits of white)
Eye color Black from the souls he has devoured
Gender None, he transcends such petty concepts
Weapon Weapon- Long fingernail/Zipline/Waste bucket
Race The Elder beings
Actor Himself

This Goblin was the royal scribe for the Great Goblin in Goblin Town in TA 2941.


Early Life

Little is known about the first years of the Goblin Scribe’s life other than the fact that he/she deceived the Great Goblin into believing that he/she was his offspring to soften the blow on the Great Goblin’s psyche that his actual son was a miscarriage. The Great Goblin would end up mistreating the scribe to a great extent, squeezing all of the matter out of the scribes legs, and using the scribes pulley zipline system that went all through Middle-earth and beyond to deliver letters. Since then, the Scribe throughout his life, had recorded all the horrible tortures, deaths, and interrogations in Goblin Town. The scribe used his/her long fingernail, the only one that he/she had left after a dragon stole the other nine, to write on his/her scrolls of parchment. The scribes fingernails are said to be the most indestructible material in Middle-earth. The ink is actually the scribe’s softened feces and urine. The solid waste products are recycled as food for the scribe.

Thorin and Company’s Arrival

When Thorin and Company arrived at Goblin Town in TA 2941, the Great Goblin ordered the scribe to send word to Azog that he had founded his enemy, Thorin Oakenshield, as he had made a price with him, and cackled maniacally when he learned that Thorin still didn't know that Azog had survived the Battle of Azanulbizar. The scribe dropped a scroll onto Azog whilst he gave a speech to his orcs. Azog picked up the scroll, not knowing that the scribe had accidentally wrote down pieces of eldritch knowledge on the back of the parchment. Azog soiled himself immediately. Azog did eventually end up finding the Company after they escaped the goblins.

Recent Life

In 1932 AD, the Goblin Scribe wrote the first book in a long line of books about Arda, his home dimension, while under the guise of a philologist named J.R.R. Tolkien. The scribe has recently learned to speak Chinese to quote proverbs.

Behind the scenes[]

=== After "he was the Great Goblin's son from some marriage he'd prefer to forget, so he gave him an administration job away from the throne.", write “He was trying to preserve the true scribes identity.”} {After lego fact write “This, however, is something that outraged Tolkien fans who knew about the goblin scribes immortality.”} ===



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  • The book of the deep ones