Goblin Scribe
Goblin Scribe
Vital statistics
Birth Third Age
Age Unknown
Fate Goes to Azog to tell him that the Great Goblin has found Thorin.
Physical attributes
Hair color Bald (bits of white)
Eye color Blue
Gender Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Race Goblin
Actor Kiran Shah

This Goblin was the royal scribe for the Great Goblin in Goblin Town in TA 2941.


Early lifeEdit

Little was known about the Scribe, but was the Great Goblin's son from some marriage that he had preferred to forget, and gave him the administration job as the royal scribe away from becoming a prince. Since then, the Scribe throughout his life, had recorded all the horrible tortures, deaths, and interrogations in Goblin Town. He used his long fingernail to write on his scrolls of parchment and would sit on a seat attached to a pully and due to his inability to walk, he would use the pulley to go all around the town.

Thorin and Company's ArrivalEdit

The scribe with the Great Goblin

The Scribe ordered by the Great Goblin to send word to Azog.

When Thorin and Company arrived at Goblin Town in TA 2941, the Great Goblin ordered the Scribe to send word to Azog that he had founded his enemy Thorin Oakenshield as he had made a price with him, and laughed when he learned that Thorin still didn't know that Azog had survived the Battle of Azanulbizar. It is possible that the Scribe had succeeded as the huge Orc and his party founded the Company after they escaped the Goblins.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Goblin scribe artwork

    An artwork of the Goblin Scribe.

    The Scribe was voiced by Kiran Shah through motion capture performance in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, who also played another Goblin in the same film, Master Stadle in The Desolation of Smaug and was the scale double for Bilbo Baggins for the film series.
  • Weta Workshop designer Andrew Baker had drawn the artwork on the left of the Goblin which Peter Jackson liked and made him as the Goblin Scribe, and Sndrew made up a little background story of the character that "he was the Great Goblin's son from some marriage he'd prefer to forget, so he gave him an administration job away from the throne." and said that it was a kind of thing that would run through your mind when you're preoccupied with Goblins for weeks and weeks.
  • Goblin Scribe minifigure

    A minifigure of the Goblin Scribe.

    A minifigure of the Scribe was included in the LEGO set The Goblin King Battle. Although he was omitted from the cutscenes and gameplay of LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game, he still appeared as a playable character in the consoles and windows versions of the game. In the portable versions, he can be seen riding on the pulley, and it is possible to kill him using a character with abow and arrow.