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Dale Child 10.png
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2870
Death TA 2898
Age 28
Fate Fleeing with the survivors of Dale after the Sack of Erebor
Physical attributes
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Weapon Unknown
Race Human
Actor Unknown actress

Helga was a young woman who had survived the terrible firestorm from Smaug and had settled in Esgaroth with the survivors. While living her life, Helga married Harbard, and the two would have a son named Bard, who would grow up to become bargemen, but a legendary hero for slaying the dragon Smaug and becoming the King of Dale.


In TA 2880, when Smaug attacked Dale, Helga along with another girl and Harbard flew their kites before the Dragon's arrival when her kite was scorched. She ran for his life as the beast struck fear in the hearts of the citizens. After Smaug had taken Erebor, forcing the Dwarves of Erebor into exile, Helga fled with the all the Dale survivors to Esgaroth, seeking sanctuary.

Behind the scenes[]