Hob Gammidge
Old Gammidge
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2846
Age 95
Fate Buys a block of bread from a cart.
Physical attributes
Hair color Grey
Eye color Dark
Gender Male
Weapon None
Race Hobbit
Actor Stephen Gledhill

Hob Gammidge, also known as Old Gammidge or The Roper, was a Hobbit of the Shire. The son of Wiseman Gamwich, he married Rowan, eldest daughter of Holman the Greenhanded; they had at least one child, Hobson Gamgee.


Hobbiton market

Old Gammidge buying a block of bread at the Green Dragon Inn market.

In TA 2941, Hob Gammidge went to the Green Dragon Inn market where he went to a bakery cart and bought a block of bread from the vendor, while Bilbo Baggins went shopping for some food while having a look out for the wizard Gandalf.

When Bilbo returned from his journey, Hob was among the Hobbits who thought he was deceased and became part of the auction for Bag End.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Hob Gammidge was portrayed by Stephen Gledhill in An Unexpected Journey and The Battle of the Five Armies, but his scenes in the first film were cut from the theatrical version, but were included in the extended edition.
  • Despite being credited in the end credits of the Extended Edition of the first film, he was not credited in the third.