Lake-town Spy VI
Fisherman Spy 2
Vital statistics
Birth Third Age
Age Unknown
Fate Was told by Bard to tell the Master that he was done.
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Gender Male
Weapon None
Race Man
Actor Zane Weiner

This individual was a Man of Lake-town who worked as a spy for the Master along with his partner to keep an eye on Bard in TA 2941.


Fisherman spies 2

The two spies fishing in front of Bard's house.

In TA 2941, the Spy along with his partner, where hired by the Master of Lake-town to keep an eye on Bard when he was suspicious that he was behind the growing threat of his authority. They sat on their boat fishing and watching Bard's home at the same time, until Bard and his son Bain arrived and paid his partner a bag of gold and ordered them to tell the Master that he was done for the day.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The sixth spy was portrayed by Zane Weiner in a cameo in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, who was the producer and unit production manager of the film trilogy.
  • His beard was a homage to Barrie M. Osbourne, one of the producers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.