Vital statistics
Birth TA 2888
Age 53
Fate Blowing the horn to honor the fallen
Physical attributes
Hair color Grey
Eye color Dark
Gender Male
Weapon Sword and Bow
Race Human
Actor Nick Blake

Percy was a Human man of Esgaroth who worked as a porter in the Gate of Esgaroth. He later assisted his friend Bard Bowman as his second-in-command during Battle of Five Armies.


In TA 2941, Percy checked in Bard as he re-entered the town on his barge with Bilbo Baggins and Thórin and Company stowed away in wine barrels from the Woodland Realm hidden in fish. Once Bard declared that he was tired and ready to go home, Percy commented the same, but before he allowed him to pass, Alfrid with Braga and the Guards attempted to dump the fish in the lake before Bard threatened the counselor that the citizens would rebel against the Master if they heard that he was dumping fish in the lake as food was scarce. Percy then ordered the guards to raise the gate after Alfrid ordered them to stop dumping the fish.

Behind the scenesEdit


Percy in LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game.