Necromancer (Sauron)
Vital statistics
Birth Before the creation of Arda
Age Unknown
Fate Captures Gandalf in Dol Guldur and reveals his true identity.
Physical attributes
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Gender Male
Weapon Mace
Race Unknown
Actor Benedict Cumberbatch

Sauron was a fallen Maia, and creator of the One Ring who had fallen in Mordor after his ring finger was cut by Isildur in SA 3434. He was thought to never regain his full strength and peace had returned to Middle-earth until in TA 2941. His soul lived in the dungeons of Dol Guldur known as the "Necromancer" and started to build another army of Orcs to cover the lands of a second darkness leaving Azog as the commander and planned with him to murder Thorin Oakenshield. When Gandalf investigated the dungeons to find him, Sauron captured him and revealed to him his true identity.

Behind the scenesEdit



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