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Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Fate Honoring the fallen after the Battle of Five Armies.
Physical attributes
Hair color Grayish-black
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon Unknown
Race Human
Actor Paul Craze

Varen was a citizen who lived in Esgaroth. He was a very experienced boatbuilder and enjoyed to build boats.


Born in Esgaroth during the Third Age, Varen spent most of his life building and constructing boats for bargemens and fishermens. He also gave a large boat to Bard Bowman who was hired by Master Calamar Moneybags and Alfrid Lickspittle to work as a bargemen to pick up barrels from the Woodland Realm and deliver them to the town. Varen was one of the citizens that grew to despise Calamar to his thirst for power and corruption.

In TA 2941, when Thórin and Company were captured by Braga and the guards in the town for their attempt of stealing weapons in the weaponry room, Varen suddenly woke up out of his house to find out what the commotion. Gathering at the streets with every citizen, Varen was completely shocked to learn that Thórin Oakenshield revealed himself to the crowd and became part of the dwarf's persuasion to the citizens to share the wealth once they killed Smaug.